Davido having fun with his crew while flying economy.

Nigerian singer Davido is one celebrity who knows how to live and talk the billionaire lifestyle he has acquired over the years. Being born into a wealthy family has made the singer live an extravagant lifestyle since he was a kid. It’s no wonder flying economy is a huge joke to him.

Recently, the singer shared a short clip in which he was laughing about having to fly economy. He was seen laughing at his crew members as they all went on-board and tried to locate their seats on the airplane.
However, everyone knows that the OBO and his crew members had good reason to be flying economy and will be back in their private jet sooner than later. At least, it was quite the experience for the crew who are now used to owning the skies as opposed to sharing air space with other regular people.
Watch video below;

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Davido was spotted spending time with world-famous Turkish chef, Nusret, in Greece.

Nusret who is also known as Salt Bae gained his popularity after the unique way he seasons his meat went viral on social media.

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