Cupcakke hospitalized after she posted suicidal tweet

Cupcakke, a US Rapper was reportedly hospitalized after she posted suicidal tweet and also shared another on her Instagram page last night (8 January).
Cupcakke posted a suicidal tweet which read “im [sic] about to commit suicide”, prompting worried friends to contact police to help find her and ensure her wellbeing. In a separate post on Instagram also, she shared a screenshot of the tweet and added: “Thank you for everything y’all have done for me, I really appreciate it.”

The tweet from the rapper whose real name is Elizabeth Eden Harris, sparked widespread concern from fans on social media and an outpouring of support. It was also learnt that she was admitted to hospital for a “mental evaluation”, rather than injuries.
Cupcakke who got hospitalized for posting suicidal tweets, had previously spoken about suicide in her music.

Cupcakke, who rose to fame in 2015 after two of her songs went viral on YouTube, released her fourth album Eden in November last year to positive reviews from critics. She is known for tackling themes in her lyrics that address sexuality, masturbation and body positivity, although other tracks, which are written from Cupcakke’s perspective, are about darker issues such as child abuse and homelessness.

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