Cardi B and Offset set to get back together.

Cardi B and Offset set to get back together, as they look to put their 2018 drama behind them and turn a new leaf this year.
According. to TMZ, sources close to the hip-hop couple revealed that they’ve been communicating regularly including while they were thousands of miles apart over the holidays, and are focusing on fixing their marriage.
Offset has also reportedly declared publicly to change his ways and be faithful and honest with her, and Cardi B has been receptive because she misses what they had together.

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Despite the positives, Cardi B is still not wearing her wedding ring, she’s said to just not be emotionally ready to put it back on quite yet.

Remember the pair looked like they’d reconciled shortly before Christmas on a fun-filled, jet ski-riding, Puerto Rican vacation and they admittedly miss each other.

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